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African-American Culture

Discover the literature, music, dance and art of African-American culture. Find topics such as the meaning of spirituals, the Harlem Renaissance, the rise of hip-hop and African-American film history in this section.
  1. African-American Religion (6)

On the Bookshelf: Six African-American Children's Books
Leon's Story by Leon Tillage provides readers with the struggles a young man endures while living in the segregated South.

Nineteenth Century African-American Artists
Images and biographies of 19th Century African-American Artists

Countee Cullen
Countee Cullen was a prominent literary figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

On the Bookshelf: Five Books on African-American History
This article highlights five texts exploring African-American history and culture from enslavement to freedom.

History of Martin Luther King Day
The history and origins of Martin Luther King Day, which began in January 1986.

Best African-American History Works
Have you read any good non-fiction works on African-American history lately? Tell us about it.See submissions

"Negro Spirituals" by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Read the full-text of "Negro Spirituals" (1867) by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, including commentary, at the University of Virginia.

Early 20th-Century Jazz
Read about the development of jazz during the Jim Crow era at PBS.org.

What is Kwanzaa?
Kwanzaa is a celebration of African heritage that takes place from December 26 to January 1.

Lincoln Film Company
The Lincoln Film Company was the first African-American film company in the United States.

The Harlem Renaissance
An online exhibition on the Harlem Renaissance from the Library of Congress.

African-American Dance
An essay on PBS.org explores the question, "What is black dance?"

What is Juneteenth?
Juneteenth is a holiday, begun in Texas, that celebrates the emancipation of American slaves.

Causes of the Great Migration: Searching for the Promised Land
The Great Migration was movement from rural southern areas to northern, Midwestern and western cities.

Henry Ossawa Tanner: A Naturalist at Heart
Henry Ossawa Tanner was the first African-American artist to achieve international acclaim.

AME Church
The AME Church was established in 1816 by Reverend Richard Allen

Four Publications of the Harlem Renaissance
Daily and monthly publications were important to promoting the work of Harlem Renaissance artists.

On the Bookshelf: 5 Slave Narratives Everyone Should Read

All About Hip Hop
Explore hip hop at the University of Chicago's "University of Hip Hop."

Six Autobiographies by African-American Figures
This article highlights six autobiographies of prominent African-American thinkers throughout American History.

Watch This: African-American Documentaries
Three documentaries that provide vivid footage and historical facts concerning African-American history.

Six Blues Singin Women
Ma Rainey is also known as the Mother of Blues. She performed on the vaudeville circuit before becoming a recording artist in the 1920s.

Harlem Renaissance Playwrights

African-American Filmmakers
Five African-American filmmakers whose works explore life during the Jim Crow Era and post Civil Rights Movement.

African-American Dancers
African-American choreographers whose works explore black culture and heritage.

Women of the Black Arts Movement
Prominent women of the Black Arts Movement

A timeline of hip hop culture tracing the beginning of the movement in the 1970s through the 1990s.

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