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Read about the lives and accomplishments of prominent and influential African Americans throughout history.
  1. Enslaved Yet Fighting for Freedom
  2. Abolitionists
  3. African-Americans and the Reconstruction Period
  4. African-Americans and the Progressive Era
  1. The Harlem Renaissance
  2. The Civil Rights Movement
  3. Everyday People Making History

Enslaved Yet Fighting for Freedom

Nat Turner

African Americans in the colonial and antebellum eras of US history struggled for their freedom in an emerging and new nation--a society that celebrated equality and liberty while at the same time becoming ever more dependent on the institution of slavery.


From the moment enslavement began, so did abolitionism. Black and white, men and women worked tirelessly through the abolition movement to end slavery.


African-Americans and the Reconstruction Period

Newly freed African-Americans began to establish themselves in U.S. Society. During the Reconstruction Period, several African-American leaders in the political and social arenas.


African-Americans and the Progressive Era

The Niagara Movement

During the Progressive Era, African-American leaders emerged to fight racial inequalities in U.S. Society. While some, fought with education, others worked with civic groups to create resources for everyday men and women.


The Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance Writers

The Harlem Renaissance, also known as the New Negro Movement, began in 1917 and lasted until 1937. This was the first full-scale artistic movement for African-Americans.


The Civil Rights Movement

The Modern Civil Rights Movement was a remarkable moment in American History. The Civil Rights Movement helped change segregation laws and most importantly, the mindset of Americans.


Everyday People Making History

Everyday citizens catapulted social, political and civil rights leaders to success. Without the actions of everyday people, there would be no history.


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