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Black History Month

Americans have been celebrating Black History Month since February 1976. That year, Gerald Ford extended the usual week-long celebration of African-American history and culture to a month. Read more about the origins of Black History Month and get ideas for classroom activities and lessons for Black History Month.

The Origins of Black History Month
How did Black History Month get its start?

The Origins of Black History Month
How did Black History Month get its start?

What is African-American History?
The definition of African-American history has changed over time as the field has expanded. Read about how historians have defined African-American history.

Black History for Families and Children
A nice essay on providing African-American history lessons for children during Black History Month, from former About.com guide Kimberly L. Keith.

Black History Month Lesson Plans
Ideas for African-American history lessons during the annual Black History Month celebration from EdSitement, a site of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Origins of Black History Month
Discover the origins of Black History Month, from About.com guide Mary Bellis.

An Overview of Black History Month
A solid overview of Black History Month's origins and celebrations, from About.com guide Jennifer Rosenberg.

Black History Month National Events

Looking for an activity for your classroom? Want to find a way to participate in Black History Month? Here is a list of Black History Month national events for students and adults across the United States.

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